Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Makeupateers Blog,

We are 3 ladies in search of the best makeup available to us. We will scour the shelves and aisles to bring to you everything from low end to high end and give you our honest opinion on it all.

1st Makeupateer is Gaby from Beauty by Gaby, She has been blogging over 2 years now and she still is in pursuit of great finds. Watch out she speaks Spanish and will probably shoot us with a word or two.

2nd Makeupateer is Jacki, she is also a blogger but has been on a hiatus and is now ready to show us her beauty secrets. What is it that she found while away you ask. Just follow and see for she will uncover the secrets one by one.

3rd Makeupateer is Blair, she is a makeup enthusiast that wishes to tell you all she knows on the beauty products she loves and the ones that she’s shut down.

Follow this blog for the great mysterious in beauty to be uncovered and brought to you by the great Makeupateers…