Gaby’s Lip Favorites 2013


The lips were a big hit in 2013 and they were definitely a statement piece as far as Makeup was concerned.  Here is a list of my Favorites for 2013; I had one of each of these products in my Makeup bag at all times.

The Maybelline Baby Lips were definitely my favorite. I love these because these were moisturizing and had a hint of color depending on the shade you had, my current shade was Grape Vine which had a hint of a berry color.  Buy these at your local drugstore or Ulta.

Another huge hit was the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks.  I sampled these when they first came out and instantly fell in love. These had a great color payoff, smooth application, and assortment of colors. My favorite color is an online exclusive called Strip, it is a great sheer medium mauve-nude color. Order this on Urban Decay Website.

My 3rd Favorite was the Motives Cosmetics Lip Products. I personally love the Lipshines and Lipsticks overall, they are very smooth and they last awhile. There are different formulations and a huge color selection.  Pair the Lipshine and Lipstick and you have a perfect lip combination.  Order yours at Motives or with a Motives Rep.

Lastly, my other favorites are the Lip liners from Urban Decay, These are the softest Lip liners I have ever tried. These will not tug on the lips and glide on as smoothly as the lipsticks. The lip liner themselves are pretty long and will last while.  Order on Urban Decay  Website.


What were your favorite lip products of 2013? Did we have any in common? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


XO Gaby