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brush egg


Hi, loves! Today, I felt I needed to tell you guys about an amazing product that I came across on Instagram, called the Brush egg. I call this product a mini dupe for the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, but in a mini version and affordable. This was not a product that I just purchased right away; I followed @brushegg on Instagram for a while, watched their little demos, checked the website, and also reviewed a couple of eBay posts about the product. When I finally decided to purchase the brush egg, it was already sold out. I waited patiently, until one day on Instagram, I saw they were back in stock! I was so excited and did not hesitate, not even one second. I finally obtained my very own brush egg!! If you still have not figured out what the brush egg is, it is a product that helps with the deep cleansing of makeup brushes.

The color brushegg chosen for me was pink.

The color brush egg chosen for me was pink.

  • Small knobs are used for foaming and lathering and are ideal for smaller brushes.
  • Long grooves are used to help release the dirt, oils, and products, without causing harm to your brush.


  • low-priced, with a price tag of $8.00 dollars, compared to Sigma’s Spa glove $35.00 dollar price tag, it’s a steal.
  • Small, compact, and great for travel
  • Cute Colors
  • low-cost shipping, $2.00, Sigma spa glove $6.95 shipping for USPS priority mail.
  • Fast shipping
  • Great customer service! I love the personalization that was added to my package.

Cons (Yes, there are a couple of cons, but I really do love this product!)

  • Cute color options available, but no option to choose desired color.
  • At times, the product can be hard to obtain due to being sold out, but that tells you what an amazing product this is!

This product is a must-have for any makeup collection and kit!

I hope you enjoyed this review and definitely think about purchasing this amazing product! Have a great day, beauties!


Makeupateer Jacki