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Happy Thursday Beauties! As girls, there are times we get into binds with our womanly hygiene….a little t.m.i., but sadly, it’s true.  We can all sit and pretend that our days go as planned, but life likes to throw us unexpected surprises.  I was really intrigued by Box Naturals and the products they offered.  I followed their Instagram for a few months and have read their website many times to study up on the company.  Box Naturals provides organic multi-use towelettes.  The company was created by women for women, so you know they have your best interest at heart.  There was one more reason that sold me, a portion of all sales gets donated to charities that benefit women issues.

Box Naturals has a couple of options to choose from as far as purchasing the product:

*Retail stores (certain locations)
*Online for $8.99 a box (12 count)
*Subscription (My chosen route & recommendation)


Box Natural Subscription info:

1. $ 8.99
2. $15.98
3. $ 20.97

You can pick between rose-water, lavender, or both.  I chose rose-water and I love it.  The rose-water scent is not strong, it is actually really light and fresh.  The towelettes are really Small and compact, great for travel, purse, and gym bag.

I use these on hot days when I want an extra boost of freshness, on gym days where we might be  in rush and can’t do a full on shower, and great as a make-up removal wipe.

Box Natural wipes are a must have for on the go!  Get it here.

****Right now you can get 20% off and $1.00 shipping***

I hope you ladies try Box Natural, it really is amazing!

Makeupateer Jacki 💋