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Hi beauties. It’s Erin! I am here today to bring you a REVIEW! I was given the the opportunity to test out one of the most talked about products on social media right now The Yonique 3D Fiber Mascara (Thanks to SARAH MILLER) Who reached out to me and asked me to review the product. I tested the product out for a week, and I am here to bring you my honest opinion about this product.

The application for the mascara is pretty easy. You just need to be quick (So I suggest having the tops loose on both of the tubes. The Mascara comes in a really nice case! The packaging is what caught my attention. A black sleek case that would fit easily in your purse! It comes with 2 tubes. The transplanting gel and the 3D fibers. Here is a step to step on what I did to apply the mascara.

  • Curled my lashes
  • Applied the “base coat”( your choice of your favorite mascara)
  • Apply a coat of the transplanting gel
  • Add a coat of the 3d fiber lashes
  • Repeat if desire

erin younique

I must say I was impressed with how long it made my lashes. I didn’t think I would like the mascara because of some of the pictures I’ve seen online and the way people have applied it. The 2nd day I tried adding a more than one coat, and I did not like it with more than one coat, to me it looks too thick and spidery. That to me is not a natural look. So my opinion is that you don’t need more than one coat of this mascara. All in all if you are someone who is constantly buying falsies and want to try something that will save you a little bit of money in the long run, then I would definitely recommend this product to you. The cost of the Mascara which is $29.00 plus 5.50 for shipping which comes to about $34.50(this is not including taxes). You can go here to purchase The Yonique 3D Fiber Mascara:


Let me know what you think of the mascara if you’ve already tried it, or if you will be trying it out


Makeupateer Erin