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Hi lovelies! It’s me Jacki 💋 Today I am doing a comparison/review on the Younique 3D fiberlash mascara vs. Bella eleganze fiberlash mascara. 

I was given an opportunity by the lovely Kristi Coleman, to test out one of the most talked about beauty items on social media today.  Kristi has been with Younique since May 21st of this year and is a Green Elite Presenter with them.  Now, I know that Younique is sold by distributors and dealing with Kristi has been an amazing experience.  She answered every question I had with no hesitation.  She is someone who definitely knows the company and its products!



I have provided all of Kristi’s contacts in case anyone has questions or would like to purchase anything! She really does go above and beyond for her customers 👌

Twitter: @mascaramama
Instagram: 3dlashtastic

Now a little insight into Bella eleganze.  This is a brand I have never heard of before, but found a deal Amazon.com to get their fiberlash mascara for $1.00 shipped, originally $29.95- I really couldn’t pass up such a great deal!


Comparison time!! Both products come in a very sleek and may I add-fancy carrying case. 

* Belle eleganze case is a glossy finish and a little smaller.
* No company label on the Belle eleganze case
* $29.95
*Younique is labeled on the case
* Matte finish and bigger in size

Both products come with a transplanting gel and fibers.

I was able to put both products to the test!  Let’s start with the application process.


1. Apply your favorite mascara
**Tip have both the transplanting gel & fiberlash containers open for a quick application.**
2. Add a coat of the transplanting gel
3. Add a coat of the fiberlash
4. Add a second of the transplanting gel to lock the fibers in place

Belle Eleganze

1. Apply favorite mascara
2. Apply transplanting gel
3. Apply fiber mascara
4. Add an extra coat of your favorite mascara

**You can use a spoolie or a clean mascara wand to comb through the lashes for a more natural look**




My findings:

After testing out both products for a couple of weeks, I would definitely purchase the Younique Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes over the Belle eleganze.  When I purchased the Belle eleganze for a dollar, I literally got what I was paying for- a dollar mascara! I didn’t see a difference between regular mascara and the belle eleganze fiber mascara.  Although, I didn’t see much difference as far as length for either fiberlash mascaras, the Younique fiber lash made my lashes look fuller, thicker, and added some volume- which my lashes lack. 

I also found the Younique fiber lash a lot easier to apply….let me tell you why!?!  When I went to apply the belle eleganze transplanting gel, I had to stop and wipe off a gob of product from the wand – this is something I did not have to do with the fiber lash. 

Younique fiber lash mascara has won the battle of the fiber lash, hands down!!  I hope you have enjoyed this comparison/review on fiber lash mascaras.  If you have tried the younique or the belle eleganze let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have an amazing week loves!!

Xoxo, Makeupateers Jacki 💋