Hello Beauties!  It has been awhile, but I am ready to rock this post and the holiday season.  How about you? With that being said, it is the holidays and a perfect time to get some of your beauty wishlust items that you probably wouldn’t order for yourself.   Here are my top five wish lust items:


1.  What is something that all beauty lovers want? As a beauty lover, I want a place with good lighting, storage, and style to hold my beauty items.  So a good vanity is a must!  I hope to find something that will work for me very soon.

2. Sticking with practicality, I also want more storage for my beloved beauty items.  I own the white Alex drawers from Ikea, but want something in darker color to match my furniture.

3.  Beauty décor! I watch a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube and I am always envious of their beautiful décor.  Obviously, my beauty area is a huge work in progress.   I will make it a reality!

4. Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette is the newest edition to the Tarte palette line.  If you are a matte lover, then this palette is for you.

5. DKNY Be Delicious RED:   This is a rediscovered love for me!  I forgot how much I used to love this scent and now it is being clearance out by Sephora!  This means I need to stock up!!!!

Well loves I hope you enjoyed my wishlust items and maybe gathered some ideas for yours.   I hope you have a Happy Holidays!


Makeupateer Jacki