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Hi loves! I recently received the opportunity to work with a new company that specializes in natural beauty products, BohemianBeauty Co. I met with the founder and owner, Roxanne Capparelli, who gave me history on her company, products, and how-to’s.

Each product is handmade and packaged with the utmost care. I am a total sucker for packaging. I love that Roxanne brings what the pacific northwest is about in her products from the naturalness to the smells.
I also wanted to add that I am allergic to everything under the sun.  Roxanne was amazing and asked what I was allergic to cater to those needs.
Now onto a few of my favorite things ❤

1. Tangerine & Lemongrass Sugar Scrub cubes $5.00: I have really sensitive skin and also need to be careful about what I use.  I have tested this scrub for over a week and my skin feels amazing.  The scent is very fresh, can be strong, but I love it!


2. Neem, Almond, & Coconut Shower butter $7.00:  This stuff was an instant favorite and holy grail status product! With this time of year, my skin is always dry.  A week of using the shower butter, I have honestly had no need what so ever for lotion.  The shower butter also pairs as an exfoliant for our lazy times 😉 Disclaimer: Neem has a very nutty smell, but I don’t notice it after application.


3. Tangerine & Eculyptus Lip balm $4.00: This is a NEW product and hasn’t even hit the store page yet!  I really feel its comparable to Fresh Sugar balms except it isn’t as thick- but it doesn’t need to be…it really is that good! I apply it overnight as a treatment and my lips feel amazing the next day.  This maybe a little tmi…but I am a lip picker when my lips are chapped.  I haven’t picked all week!


4. Cedar, Bergamot, & Peppermint Solid Lotion $5.00: This is my next goody to try and I can’t wait!! The peppermint smell is not over powering at all!


5. Wholesome Poppy Seed Goat’s Milk Soap $6.50: 100% hand crafted and cult favorite! Was even reviewed as being a great makeup remover!


I can’t wait to try more amazing goodies from this company.  Each product has been a new addition to my shower/bath time routine!  Budget friendly with amazing quality…you really can’t go wrong! I suggest you go out and get you some BohemianBeauty co!

Tis the season!!!  Giveaway time!!  Visit Bohemian Beauty co telling us what you would love to try.  Like this post

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