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Happy Sunday, beauties!  I’m a busy mother, student, blogger, and full-time worker and what that means is, yes, I do not wash my hair everyday!  Thanks to a beautiful invention called dry shampoo, I am able to skip a day or two.  Not only does it absorb the oil, adds a clean fresh smell and look, but it also adds life back to those locks!

The best way that I have found to use dry shampoo is to apply it to your hair before bed.  Do not distribute the product by brushing it out or running your fingers through your hair.  I spray the product right before bed, leaving the product untouched–yes, you will look a little goofy going to sleep, so warn your spouse!  While asleep the tossing and turning you do, will distribute the product for you.  Bam!!  You can literally say, “I woke up like this!”, when you told how amazing your hair looks! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tip!

Have a beautiful day!!

Makeupateers Jacki