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One question always pops into my head when I see pictures of this product in my feed, “does it actually work?”   I know I wasn’t the only person who was skeptical about this product- admit it, you thought the same thing! It’s too good to be true?!?

Product background:

The makeup eraser is an eco-friendly cloth that removes makeup with just water.  The cloth is reusable and can be washed up to 1000 washes.  It claims, that when washed, the makeup stains will be gone.

If you have sensitive skin, this product is just what you need!  I am allergic to everything under the sun.  Being a beauty blogger, I need to be able to try a range of different products, but because of my allergies- I do need to be careful with what goes on my face.  The makeup eraser eliminates the worry, at least in the makeup remover category!

Fun facts:
  • The Makeup Eraser (MUE) is an All NATURAL method of removing your makeup! Just add warm water and ERASE YOUR FACE!
  • The Makeup Eraser is a pink plush cloth, which is made up of a blend of polyester that with just water removes makeup with ease, leaving skin feeling healthy and clean.
  • NO CHEMICALS to irritate your skin! The MUE removes your makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils making it ideal for all skin types.
  • Two sides working for you. There are 2 different sides to this little pink beauty. The combination of the long exfoliation side (the side with the tag), and the shorter (baby blanket/ bathrobe) feeling side that allows you to remove all makeup with just water.
  • With no soaps or detergents, The MUE is CRUELTY-FREE and it helps cut back on non-biodegradable waste!
  • The MUE is MACHINE WASHABLE. Each Eraser will last about 1000 washes. Because it is such high quality, it is nearly impossible to wear out.
  • Saves on money, as you do not will have to purchase makeup cleansers, wipes, etc.
  • The Makeup Eraser is an add on, so if are adamant about using your favorite products you still can. However you don’t need to.  It is great to remove your eye makeup alone, it removes eye makeup squeaky clean, you will find yourself no longer tugging at your eyelashes to remove left over mascara. Also, because it is so much softer than a washcloth, you will save on damaging your eyelashes.

Pink is the new green ecofriendly way to remove makeup with the makeup eraser by barbies beauty bits

Did it work?
My before photos wearing Pur Minerals :  Big Look Waterproof Mascara (My current favorite)

My before photos wearing Pur Minerals : Big Look Waterproof Mascara (My current favorite)

Half face done!  No rough rubbing needed.  Big thumbs up!

Half face done! No rough rubbing needed. Big thumbs up!

2015-01-31-23-51-21_deco2015-01-31-23-52-12_deco (1)

The finished product!  What can I say? I am really impressed with this product and will continue to use it!!

The deets:

How to Use

***IMPORTANT!  Wash Before Using ***

  • Using Warm Water Thoroughly Wet Your Cloth
  • For waterproof mascara and hard to remove makeup, you want to hold the cloth on your eye for about 15-20 secs.
  • Use Circular Motions On The Short ‘nap’ Side To Remove Your Makeup
  • Flip Cloth Over To Long ‘nap’ Side to Finish Removing Makeup And Gently Exfoliate Your Skin(side with tag)

Washing Instructions

***IMPORTANT!  Wash Before Using***

(Or You Will Have Pink Fuzzies All over Your Face)

  • Presoaking works best if you have waterproof mascara or a lot of product on your towel. Dawn works great for this.
  • Wash With Warm Water With Your Small Towel Load.
  • Tumble Dry.
  • Do Not Bleach.


Avoid These Common Mistakes People Make with the Product

Mistake: Don’t wash it first.

Solution: By washing it first you activate the fibers.

Mistake: Don’t start off by drenching the cloth.

Solution: You have to drench the cloth otherwise it will reject the water.

Mistake: Just start rubbing away.

Solution: If you wear waterproof mascara or high tar products, it is important to hold the cloth on the eye area for 15-20 secs. prior to trying to remove your makeup.

Mistake: Stuffing in a large load of towels.

Solution: Nothing really gets clean when included in a large load, this isn’t any different.   It is important to presoak the cloth and wash it in a medium or small load in warm water.

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