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The Elleda Vitamin C serum is the first serum I’ve ever entered into my routine. It is a 98% natural and 72% organic ingredient product that is made right here in the United States. It is directed to be applied in the morning and evening after you wash your face before moisturizing. You can apply your makeup as usual after your moisturizer, right on top of the serum when it has dried and is absorbed into the skin. For me the serum didn’t effect my makeup wear or application whatsoever. This product feels very natural on the skin, and goes on clear without feeling oily or greasy. I will say it does have an interesting odor to it during application which seems to fade relatively quickly and doesn’t linger. The formula for the Elleda serum is 20% vitamin C and made with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and vitamin E making it rich in antioxidents and wonderful for your skin!
I am 23 years old and have yet to see much change in the elasticity of my skin, but I’m all about taking care of my skin and preventing aging as long as I can. The vitamin C in the serum is for promoting collagen so as far as diminishing any wrinkles, or fine lines I can’t yet attest to that. However, this product seems to work pretty well at reducing redness and acne scars. I have some redness in my cheeks and around my nostrils as well as some from the occasional breakout here and there. I used the serum all over my face and neck and would go back in adding a little extra on my problem areas. Over the few weeks I used the product I started to notice more of a glow to my skin, my redness was slowly fading, and it helped keep my blemishes from scarring.  The hyaluronic acid has hydrating properties and helps your skin retain moisture throughout the day, I’m already pretty oily but I didn’t notice any extra oil production since I’ve started using the serum. I did notice my skin felt smoother and softer after using the serum which can be attributed to the nourishing vitamin E.
The serum comes with a handy dropper for sterile application so you don’t contaminate the product in the bottle reducing the possibility of growth of bacteria which lessens the chance for it to cause any infection or blemishes on your skin. Hamamelis Virginiana also known as witch hazel is one of the ingredients included in the serum it’s widely known for aiding as an acne solution as well as helping with eczema.
I really enjoy this serum and feel my skin has definitely improved since I’ve started employing it into my daily skincare routine. I get breakouts quite often and have noticed them lessening. More information about the Elleda Vitamin C Serum can be found here at http://www.elleda.com/.

Makeupateer Tia

**This product was received for free for an unbiased/honest review**