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Hey everyone, it’s your Makeupateer Tia! My fellow blogger Jacki and I are flying out to L.A. tonight for Ipsy’s Generation Beauty event. I’ve been running around the past week getting all my packing done to make sure I’m all ready to go and can have a fun relaxing time. There are a few things I make sure to do whenever I pack for a trip like this and I’d love to share them with you all!
Make sure your luggage is easily identifiable: I have 3 tags on my luggage. It’s purple (my favorite color), so that helps, but by now there are tons of people with purple luggage as its becoming a more popular color. I have 3 tags on it because your luggage often gets tossed around and a tag could easily get ripped off. I’ve actually had a suitcase lost before and gotten it back. If your luggage happens to get lost and your tag is accidentally ripped off you have two backups to ensure it will be returned to you. Plus it gives you an option to customize/accessorize your luggage. One of my tags is a cute wiener dog a girl from my beauty group gave to me; I absolutely love it, and let’s be honest how many other suitcases will have a doxi tag? This makes my bag really easy to identify at the luggage claim. Make sure to tag all your suitcases even if you don’t plan to check them, you never know if they’ll run out of space on the plane and may end up having to check your bag.
When packing your clothes roll them instead of folding: Rolling them provides for more room in your suitcase, which will let you bring more makeup! Rolling your clothes also cuts down on wrinkles if you stuff your suitcase full.
Make a list: Making a list will help packing go smoothly. This will prevent you from forgetting anything important you may need while away. I would start making your list at least two weeks prior to your travel date, this will provide you with extra time to remember and add things you missed. Don’t check off anything until it’s actually in your suitcase that way you don’t think you packed something that isn’t with you when you arrive at your destination.
Read the carry on restriction policy for your flying company: Most plane companies have restrictions on how much fluid you’re allowed to carry, as well as what kind of food you’re allowed to have on board. Some companies also have restrictions on having sharp objects in your bag, or even having glass containers. You will most likely not be able to take any open beverage or food containers through security. I would also recommend placing all fluids you have in a large gallon size bag. This will prevent a mess in case anything spills and make it easy for security to check your containers if needed.  Make sure to read the current policy the company you’re flying with has so you can be prepared.
Wear shoes that are easy to remove: When going through security make sure to wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on to speed up the process. I would also advise if at all possible to prevent wearing any clothing with a large amount of metal on it, as well as a belt. Try to make it as easy as possible on yourself to get through security quickly and hassle free.
Copy all your identification/insurance cards: Bring a copy of all of your important information with you and keep it somewhere separate from the cards on you. This is important especially when traveling overseas in case you lose any important documents you’ll have a copy with all of your info on it. If you travel overseas and lose any of you important information especially if there’s an emergency they may not let you fly home.
Get hand sanitizer and airbourne: I would highly recommend if you’re traveling via any mass transportation service or plane that you employ the use of hand sanitizer during travel and take some airbourne before you leave. With so many people sharing germs in an enclosed space it’s very easy to get sick. The use of these items will help prevent catching any travel colds while you’re away.
Toiletries-pack small or near empty: Every time I used to travel I would always run out and buy travel sizes of everything I needed and enough travel sized bottles to put everything in that I couldn’t find. I’ve found a much more cost effective and space saving way to do this. Instead of going out and buying all new products in tiny sizes I now pack products that I know are about to be thrown out. In the few months previous to my trip I will start saving products that have the amount of product I will need in them for the duration of my trip. This is actually a great alternative to buying travel products for a couple reasons. It’s much cheaper since you already have the items, and it adds space in your luggage. After you’re done using up the larger sized products instead of repacking them to take back home you can just pitch it. Most of us beauty lovers also know our shopping habits quite well and that we’ll most likely be bringing back tons of more stuff than we left with. Packing larger products you’ll throw away is a fool proof way to guarantee that you’ll have extra room for all the goodies you’ve bought. Here’s a pic of all the products I’ll be throwing away and all the extra space I’ll be gaining.
Pack an empty bag: Now why on earth would you pack empty luggage? This is a helpful trip I learned at a young age. I LOVE to shop, so I already know I’ll be bringing back extra stuff from my trip. I pack an extra bag (usually the small duffle that comes in your suitcases when you buy luggage or a backpack) just in case I go a little buy crazy and end up with not enough room. Packing an extra bag will provide you with enough room to buy whatever you want just in case you see that extra pair of boots you just haaad to buy.
I’m very excited for this trip and I can’t wait to get to see and hang out with my cross country friends. It will be wonderful to see all the great vendors they have this year at Gen Beauty! I’m curious to know if any of you are going (leave a comment please)? If so Jacki and I would love to meet you!
Until next time, stay beautiful ya’ll,
Makeupateer Tia