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Happy Thursday, beauties!  I have been going through a lot of unfortunate events that have been keeping me away from doing the things I enjoy doing, like blogging!  I am happy to say that life is finally starting to get back to normal and I can focus on enjoying life, again!  What better to start then with a haul?!?

I came across an opportunity to collaborate with Bornprettystore.com and would love to share what I received!  First, let’s start with a little introductory of BornPrettyStore.com.  The Born Pretty Store is an online retailer that has everything from makeup, clothing, and accessories-just to name a few!  Everything is very reasonably priced with free shipping worldwide.  If that wasn’t a good enough deal, you can use code JackT10 for 10% off!

wpid-2015-04-11-12-31-44_deco.jpgThe items pictured are items I received free for review and items I purchased personally.  I also purchased a phone case, but loved it so much that I needed to start putting it to use right away!

Everything arrived packaged with safety in mind.  If you plan on ordering, please do so with weeks to spare!  The items depart from Hong Kong/Singapore.  The items I ordered myself, arrived within four weeks.  The items sent to me arrived within six weeks.  At a least give yourself a months time wait, but for the price-it is well worth it!

I ordered different items, but mainly focused on jewelry!  The jewelry I would say is on par with Forever 21 accessories.  You get what you pay for!

wpid-2015-04-11-12-41-28_deco.jpgGold Triangle Pendent Thin Tessel Chain Necklace $2.17

Dainty necklaces and layering are all the rage!  I love that you get both trends in one very simple piece at a fraction of the cost.

This piece does not look cheap at all.  I love that you can wear this casually or use it to glam up an outfit.  I also love that although this item is cheap, it doesn’t look cheap.

My only gripe about this product is the clasp.  The clasp is a little hard to open.  This is where the cheapness of the product kicks in.  Overall, I say this product is a great one to have in your accessories collection.

wpid-2015-04-11-12-37-59_deco.jpgWho doesn’t love midi rings?  This is one of two that I chose.  Unfortunately, it is no longer in stock, but they do have similar styles on the website.

The ring fit me perfectly, so there was no need for adjustment.  The option to adjust is available, if needed.

The ring is very well made for the .99 cent price that I paid for it!

wpid-2015-04-11-12-36-02_deco.jpgThe obsession is real! I told you I was loving midi rings now.  This simple piece is probably my second favorite from everything I received.  I am very much into simple touches to add to an outfit and this item does just that!

The midi chevron ring was also .99 cents, but unfortunately, it is also sold out.  If I can locate something similar in the same price range, I will definitely link it!

wpid-2015-04-11-12-34-26_deco.jpgCat earring studs .99 cents

The studs speak for themselves, absolutely adorable!  The studs are not the best quality, but for .99 cents.  You really can’t expect much! 

When I received these; the backings were a bit. It was an easy fix, by bending them back into place. 

Very cute items to wear casually!  I personally would not wear these for a night out on the town.  They are small and not really visible.

wpid-2015-04-11-12-32-57_deco.jpgI also received some nail wraps.  When I purchased these, I figured they would be similar to the ones found at local retailers.

These are not pre-cut to fit nail beds, nor did they come with instructions for use.  A lovely friend/fellow blogger, named Glenda, told me they were nail water decals.

If you are a nail lover born pretty store is right up your alley.  They have so many different nail art items:


I am not much for nail art, but there are even some items I would not mind trying/owning!

I hope you all enjoyed my born pretty haul!  I am enjoying the items and will definitely purchase more.  Again, my coupon code is valid for you to use!


Have a Happy Tuesday, beauties!