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Hi beauties!  Summer time means travel time! A month ago I traveled to California for generation beauty.  I carefully planned my travel essentials to avoid over packing.  Let’s be real, I am a girl who has a tendency to pack my entire closet.  I started my packing journey by making a list of things I absolutely had to have with me.  Let’s get started!

On Flight Essentials:

These are items I absolutely must have with me in case of an emergency.  I don’t know about you, but I would hate to be stuck in a situation without my luggage.  I have actually had this happen to me once before and would never like that situation to happen again, but the reality of it is- I have no control!  The best thing I can do is prepare for the situation.

On my trip to California, I packed items I would use on the flight and items I would need during my trip.

During the flight:

Socks- airplanes are cold as heck!

Toothbrush and toothpaste- I don’t know about you, but I fall asleep on planes and would rather not have “morning breath” when I wake up.  This also doubles as a trip essential.  By keeping this on my person, I save money on having to buy new ones.

Face wipes/baby wipes- I need to be able to take off my makeup on and off the plane.  Baby wipes also double as a way to wipe your body down when you are unable to shower.  Come one people, we don’t want to smell each others body order 😛

Moisturizer- Any kind!  Face, hands, all over the body…must have for the dry recycled air!

Lip balm- Lips can become dry and cracked as well from the airplane air.

Dry shampoo- this item is more for an in case of emergency- this would at least buy me another day of clean-ish hair!

Hand sanitizer- Being a mother of two kids, this is a necessity that I always have to have with me.  One word- germs!

Eye patches- Yes, you may look a little cray on the flight, but your under eye bags will be non-existent.

Zit Zapper- When I travel my skin tends to go crazy.  I need something to at least reduce the zits.  The elf zit zapper is cheap and works wonders.

wpid-2015-05-24-20-56-54_deco.jpgI am sure this is pretty self-explanatory!  I make sure to keep my travel hygiene products on me as well.  Nothing out of the ordinary- shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and face wash.  I also pack a headband for when I wash my face.  A face mask, not a necessity- but definitely nice to have.

I also bring an extra pair of under garments (not pictured, ha).  If your luggage gets lost at least you covered in that department.

What are some of your must have travel necessities? Let me know in the comments below!  Have a happy hump day!!

Stay beautiful,

Makeupaeer Jacki