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wpid-2015-05-30-22-46-35_deco.jpgHi beauties! Keeping on topic with summer travel, I wanted to share how I pack and store my jewelry during my travels.
Prior to finding my travel jewelry case, it was a pain to travel with any jewelry! I would throw them in makeup bags, zip lock baggies, or just not bring any at all. None of these options were ideal for travel. Although my items are contained in a makeup bag and in zip lock baggies, they would still end up tangled. Not having accessories was not a fun experience either! Sometimes, all we need is the perfect necklace or earrings to make an outfit.
For my trip to California, I started to Google travel jewelry organizers. I came across one that was perfect! It is light, well made, with lots of travel compartments for all of my jewelry needs!


There are three zippered compartments, a place for bracelets/necklaces, additional ring holder, and earring slots. The jewelry travel holder provides enough room for all the items you would need to bring with you and add additional items- I love having choices!


As you can see, the earring holes worked well for, in my opinion, large hoops without interfering with my other items.


Pictured here are the four slots for bracelets and necklaces!  Love the construction of this organizer and that it provides so many placement options.


Included, but not pictured are two additional pouches to use for additional storage.  I apparently am unable to locate my footage showing this, but I used the pouches provided for my watches!  The pouches kept my watches safe from scratches. As you can see in the picture to the left, I was able to throw in a couple more jewelry pouches with some additional items that either would not fit or I wanted extra protection over.

If you are interested in the jewelry organizer you can purchase it here.  If pink isn’t your color, no big!  They offer it in black!

If you don’t travel much, this product would be a great gift for Christmas, Mother’s day, or a birthday!  I am actually purchasing one for my mom before we leave to Vegas next month! I am very excited, because I know this is something she will love and use on many occasions. How do you store your jewelry must have when you travel?  I love to know your tips and tricks!

Have a great Tuesday,

Makeupateer Jacki