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Poo-pourri is that perfect gift this holiday. It may seem like the unconventional choice but, let’s really think about this. Its holiday season, PARTY TIME! We all get invited to those wonderful holiday parties with friends or family, it’s last minute, “oh crap!” you forgot to get the hostess a gift. What do you bring them, another bottle of wine? No time to bake cookies. I know! How about a bottle of Poo-pourri!

poopourri It’s the perfect hostess gift. How many of you have friends who feel weird about going potty outside of their home. Imagine if you could give them a gift that could help them feel more comfortable going while they’re at your place. The perfect hostess is always concerned that everyone feels welcome and comfy in her home. What better way to help her than to give her a solution to a problem she probably hasn’t even thought about. Poo-pourri is all natural and free of alcohol, parabens, aerosol, phthalates, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrance.




poo-pourri-spray-on-bowlHow does it work? Before you go just spray the water in the toilet bowl with your Poo-pourri. The mist will create a thin film on top of the water, this acts as a barrier for scents thus, trapping the smell under the film. This means you are able to prevent a smell rather than trying to cover it up, which is why I believe this product works so well!

Poo-pourri is a company that is not only worried about your nose. They are a health conscious company, their all natural product is safe for you to breathe in, as well as safe for the water supply.

poopourri containerThis makes this the perfect gift for just about anyone. Even the most health aware organic crazy moms will like this gift, because they know it’s safe for their family and home. It may sound strange but this stuff really works, test it out for yourself! It comes in a variety of scents so there’s something for everyone, also travel sizes! There are even cute gift sets for those party poopers!