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Happy Friday!  I am so glad that it is almost the weekend.  I recently decided to give at home waxing a try.  Have you ever tried this? I would love to know your experience.  My experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I was definitely scared of doing it myself, but I overcame the fear and gave it a shot for this review 😛

Parissa Organic Wax:


Contains: 240ml organic cane sugar wax, 30 washable strips, easy to follwo photo instructions, 3 spatulas

Tip: Cut the strips to your needs to make them last longer.  They can also be used more than once, depending on the area.


Easy Steps: 1. warm organic wax  2. apply thin layer  3. zip off with strips

Organic Wax: sucrose*, aqua, citric acid, chamomilla recuitita flower extract*

*USDA Certified Organic

My experience went pretty well for my first time.  It wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be. Thank goodness, I hate messes!  I have really sensitive skin, with lots of allergies; some known and some unknown. But I was able to use Parissa wax with no issues at all, just some mild redness- which is to be expected with waxing.  I would say that this wax kit is perfect for beginners, because it isn’t complicated to use.  Parissa made it very user-friendly, but it would also work well for you pros out there.  I have yet to try this on a larger of my body, but it worked well for taking the hair off my upper lip.  Two weeks have now passed, and I feel the growth is minimal, which I think is to be expected with waxing.  Overall- great product and waxing experience.  Instead of paying $7 per upper lip wax, I will be diy at home.  Maybe I will become so amazing at it, that I can actually start doing my own brows!  Possible….but I so doubt it-lol!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini review on Parissa Organic Wax!

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!