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Hi beauties!  I hope you all are having a wonderful St. Patty’s day!  I just wanted to hop on and do a quick review of my Morphe Monthly brush club for February and March.  If you don’t know about the Morphe Monthly Brush Club, here are deats:

Morphe Brush Subscription:
  • $19.99/month or $239.99 annual fee.  If the annual option is selected, you get a free 350 palette; limited time offer.
  • Each month you will receive at least $30 worth of Morphe makeup brushes. Plus other member exclusives like, how to videos, exclusive discounts, and first access to new releases.

*Items ship out within 72 hours of purchase date. – I can say that the shipping is super fast!  Definitely, a pro.

*No Exchanges or Refunds.  Exchanges are allow for damage product.  You can also cancel at anytime. 


February Brush haul:


M334- Mini Angles Buffer Brush– $5.99

M495- Duo deluxe Fan Brush– $9.99

M224- oval Camouflage– $2.99

M218- Blending Fluff– $2.99

M165- Angle Liner/brown Brush– $2.99

M33- Chisel Shader Brush– $3.99

M169- Round Creash Brush– $2.29

Subscription total: $31.23

First impression:  I loved that we received so many different brushes for February, and they did hit the promised minimum of $30.  Although, it wasn’t by much, you really can’t complain.

March Brush haul:


M501- Pro pointed blender– $7.99

M438- Pointed Contour– $9.99

M527-Deluxe Pointed Powder brush– $15.99

Subscription total: $33.97

Verdict:  The value was in the March sub, but I was not overly impressed with the quantity or the selection.  I think for $19.99, I would rather have a choice of brushes to receive monthly, rather then it being selected for me.  I do love the affordability and quality of the brushes, but would rather have the brushes I know I would use on daily basis.

Want to sign up for MorpheMe brush club?  Join here.

I hope you enjoyed this haul/comparison/mini review of the MorpheMe brush club.  Have a great weekend, loves!