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Hi loves!  I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  I am back today with my dream/vision board and a simple easy way to create one yourself.  I have never done one before, but thought it would be a good idea to visualize my goals for this year.  Realistically, this may take a couple of years, but I am hopeful and determined.

I got the idea from one of my best friends.  My friend created one out of poster board, magazine clippings, printed off pictures, and phrases.  After two years she had accomplished everything on her vision board, so I thought, “why not?”

First, you want to get yourself in the right mindset- you want to fill that board full of positives! Next, figure out your goals/dreams. Once you have decided what goals/visions/dreams you want to hit, start adding them to your board.  Now, I am not a crafty at all- so a physical vision board was not something I wanted to do.  My best friend knew of my interest and linked me off to Hay House Vision Board App. You can find more on the app here.  The great thing about is it’s available on Apple and Android!

I created my dream board with specific goals in mind!  I was able to save my board and apply it as my background on my phone, so I see my goals daily!  After doing my goals post, I was inspired..


  1. Be happy in my own skin! 
  2. NYC
  3. Hydrate & sleep more
  4. Disneyland
  5. Work on my blog more and become self hosted!
  6. Organize my life
  7. Debt free
  8. New car
  9. Washington DC
  10. Hike more
  11. Beauty room/office
  12. More family time
  13. Start planning my wedding
  14. Volunteer more
  15. Leavenworth, Washington

I am happy to report that by visualizing my goals, I have consistently been working towards making them all a reality.  As you can see above, a few of my items are crossed off due to completion.  I will be striking out at least 3 more within the next 2-3 months!  Whaaat?  How crazy is that?  I have planned out a 10 day Washington DC/Virginia Beach trip in May; I have 3 more credit cards to pay off and will be done.  I will also have my new  by then as well.  I am very happy with how my board turned out, and how it has helped me stay on track!  I think it has worked so well, that I am going to a create one dedicated solely to fitness!  Fingers crossed, it works just as well.

If you create dream/vision boards, please tag/comment/let me know!  I would love to see what you have created!!