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Hi loves!  I really hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend.  I think it went by a little too quick, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  If you read my ‘Where Have I been’ post, you know that my family and I spent ten days in Washington DC and Virginia Beach.  So over the next few days, you will get a glimpse into my family vacation.  So let’s get on with it!



We left Saturday, May 14th, for the first part of our trip to Washington DC.  The airline we used round trip was Frontier.  For a long distance trip, I do not recommend.  On the real though, it was my fault!  I should have done my research on prior to booking this trip.  After paying for tickets, seats on every flight (including connecting), bags, and drinks-yes, I did say drinks (ridiculous)….you should have just spent the extra money on a better airlines.  Only use Frontier for short distance flights, the price is worth it at that point.



From awake to knocked out, LOL!  Life of a mom!

We brought the a little of the Pacific Northwest with us 🙂

Let’s be real, the first day of vacations are not all that exciting, especially if you arrive to your destination late.  We arrived in DC at 5PM, but by the time we got our rental car and checked into our hotel, there wasn’t really anytime to do a lot of sightseeing..anyways, we were starving!

Traffic in DC is horrible, so we opted to stay in Alexandria, Virginia.  Downtown Alexandria has so many restaurants that we wanted to try, but one caught our eye, Bistro 7107!  403spotlight

Bistro 7107 is a Philippine Island Cuisine restaurant. They serve traditional filipino dishes that everyone will love!

Some of the yummy appetizers we got!

After dinner we decided to take a quick drive around and came up on the memorial for the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.


Kiddos were tired and cold at this point, so we decided to head back to our room and get some rest for the next day.  We’re heading to Kings Dominion!!

I hope you enjoyed our DC day 1 edition.  I know it wasn’t very exciting for the first day, but we had a long day of travel and mainly just wanted to relax.  If you have been to DC, what was on your itinerary?