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Hi loves!  We’re back with Day 2 of my families DC trip, but first how about some mini reviews on our car rental and hotel so far.


Days Inn Alexandria South

This facility came recommended to me by one of customers, so we decided to look up reviews.  It has a three start rating on all sites that we checked, but this place definitely does not deserve it.  We also expected something a bit better for the price we paid.

If you do decide to stay here, drive slow when coming up on the entrance or you will literally miss it, because it isn’t where one would think it would be.  The staff at the front desk were always nice and willing to help.  The facility is really run down and in desperate need of a major remodel.  The rooms smelled and in my opinion, were not cleaned.  I don’t think they ever changed our sheets from the previous guests.  My little one started to jump on the bed, and as she was jumping, I noticed something bouncing on the bed.  It was pieces of broken plastic!  If the bedding had been changed, then this definitely should not have happened.  I requested new bedding right away, which they accommodated with no problem.  The beds were newer and are decent.  The shower lacked pressure and kept going in and out of really hot water or really cold.  Breakfast was decent for being free.  They provided waffles, cereal, frozen eggs, toast, muffins, oatmeal, and fruit.

Conclusion: This place isn’t worth the price they charge and it does not deserve the 3 start rating it now has. We will never be staying here again.  It was okay for sleeping and showering on our stay.

Car Rental:

We went through Advantage Car Rental .  They are partnered with E-Z car rental, who I use all the time.  The experience was definitely not the same.  The girl at the counter acted like we were a bother to her, while another just sat there watching shows/movies on her phone.  On a customer service level, I think they need a lot of work!  On a positive note,we were provided with a Toyota Camry- we loved that we got something with great mileage.  

Kings Dominion

Paramount’s King Dominion and Soak City is Virginia’s premier family theme park.  It’s located near Richmond, Virginia.  On the day we went it ended up being really windy, so we did not get to check out Soak city, but that’s okay!  We didn’t even make it half way through King’s Dominion.

One major pro for this park is as a mom of a small child, I loved that they provided “height bands”.  You go to a designated area, have your child’s height checked, they are then provided with a height band and list of height approved rides.  I think this method really helps with disappointing the children.  You have advanced notice to stay away from those particular rides.


We spent a lot of our time in Planet Snoopy, because we had some family friends with us who has a toddler and pre-k aged children.  My children were okay with this, because of the character meet and greets!

My little’s goal was to get all the character’s from Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  I think she did pretty well.

On the day we went, they also had a petty zoo and a Home depot kids project.

I loved that there were other free activities for the kids.

Home depot provided a building activity for the kids for free.  They could choose from a bird house, car, or monster truck.  My little chose the bird house and family friends chose the cars.  It was a fun experience with a free souvenir!

Some random Planet Snoopy fun!

If you ever get a chance to go here, make sure to try out the coasters.  They are pretty amazing.  I was tricked into going on one called the ‘Flight of fear’.  The name says it all!  You go into this ride not knowing what it is…anything!  It kind of reminded me of Space Mountain at Disney, but scarier- Lol!  It was a really good coaster, but if you can’t handle going in circles..then skip this ride!  I ended up getting so sick afterwards.  I know, I’m weakk!

Family coaster fun!


We made it to the end of the day and taking a narwhal home!

We had an amazing at Kings Dominion, but I would suggest going for two days.  We didn’t make it all the way around the park, which we were sad about, but it was still really fun.  We definitely want to go again!