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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Happy Thursday!  Let’s talk beauty…I know what you must be thinking, we talk beauty all the time.  I want to talk about beauty treatments.  We all know how expensive these treatments can be.  I’m talking massages, facials, lash extensions, mani’s, pedi’s, and other things like hair removal.  If you’re like me, I love getting all these done, but can’t really afford to throw down $300-500 a month to beautify myself.

I also have a 14 year old daughter who is going into high school this upcoming school year.  You know what that means? CHA-CHING!  She is very much a girly-girl, who loves beauty and fashion as well.  One thing she is really concerned about are her brows.  I have instilled in her that if she wants these kind of things done, she will need to earn her own money to pay for them.  It also means she will need to be savvy with her money.  I also do not want my daughter wasting her money on something that isn’t good.

We decided to check out Groupon for some hair removal options for her.  We were provided with so many options: laser hair removal- this was not really option, but good to know they offer it at decent pricing; waxing, most viable option and numerous to choose from; last but not least, threading- this option is the most affordable for my daughter.


As you can see from the pricing difference, we opted for the threading.  This is not a method she has ever done, and wanted to check out reviews.  Luckily, Groupon provides reviews from recent purchasers.  Going this route, it helped us save money and provided us with an opportunity to try something new.  Especially, if you have sensitive skin or allergies.  You really do not want to pay hundreds.

Also, don’t forget that Groupon offers tons of beauty products at about 60% off in their goods section.  Shades are limited, but you can usually get some high end products at a fraction of the cost.

Groupon also offers discounts, so pay attention to the banners at the top of the page.  We were able to score my daughter’s threading for $9.00 and additional 20% off since it is a local business.

What do you purchase off of Groupon?