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Hi loves! We are back today with a more serious post. Over the past two weeks, I have been a bit disgusted with some posts that I have read in some Facebook groups. I think I have reached my “idgaf” point when it comes to these kind of posts. You are probably thinking, what posts is she talking about? Well, If you have been a long time follower of Makeupateers, then you know we are all about empowering and inspiring one another- not breaking someone down. There’s already so much hate in this world, why contribute to it?  Maybe it’s because I have grown up and see things see things differently, (who knows!?) but I guess that isn’t for me to decide.

Now, the reason for this post. As I said earlier, I am apart of some Facebook groups. For the most part, I am happy to be a part of them.  I have created some amazing friendships and most groups keep everything positive. Now, I am not saying every single group is rainbows and unicorns.  I mainly notice the cattiness and belittling more in the beauty groups I am in.  Depending on the post, the shit talking escalates pretty quick within a group of girls.  My question is why? Why the need for unnecessary comments?  Why does something negative have to come out anyway?

For those of you who are Teen Mom fans, you will probably know who Javi Maroqquin is. I, however, didn’t.  In one of the beauty groups I am in, a girl posted a picture of Javi with a girl.  Now, the original post was positive.  Basically asking others if they had seen the picture and that she was happy for him, because he genuinely looks happy with the mystery girl.


This is the picture that was posted.  They look happy, right? The comment section quickly turned into a bash fest on this girl.  Making statements of ewww, ugly, or he is too cute for her.  Now, I don’t watch Teen Mom, so I don’t know his back story or how he ended up on Teen Mom, but whatever it maybe….he looks happy! Which is the reason behind the original post.  He has a new girlfriend and he looks happy!  It should have stayed that way.  Most people are judgmental.  I get it, it’s how we’re made.  We were also given the ability to choose the way we handle situations.  We can choose to keep our comments to ourselves.  It’s an opinion, fine!  But does it really need to be voiced?  No, it doesn’t.


What someone looks like, wears, dates, etc. really has no barring on our lives.   I fully believe that everyone should be treated with respect.  Being a kind and positive person is also very important.  Whenever I am in public, I make it a point to smile at everyone.  To you, that smile may not be much, but it could mean everything to the right person.  Also, instead of hating, why not try complimenting?  Anyone can put someone down, but it takes a better person to notice the beauty in everything. I dare you to give it a shot.  It can be something so simple as, “Your hair looks great!”  or “Your shirt is so cute!” There is something about every single person, place, or thing that has beauty! Just open your eyes a little more…

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