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Hi loves!  Happy Friday day!  Although, I can’t really believe that it’s Friday already. Labor day really threw my week off, but non the less- I’m glad it’s Friday! Keeping with my travel theme posts, we will be talking about theme park essentials.  My family and I are theme park junkies.  Every vacation we take, we have to at least hit up at least one park.  On our last vacation, we hit up Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Great America in Norther California.  Prior to that visit, we went to Wild Waves and Enchanted Village in Washington.  I started to think about must have items that I need to carry with me in the parks.  Without further a due, here are my essentials:
16-09-07-08-05-44-692_deco.jpgBP. Faux Leather Backpack– $55.00

I would suggest some sort of backpack.  I opted for a purse style backpack.  It isn’t too big or too small, but has a lot of for the size.  I was able to carry my essentials including my water bottle.



16-09-07-08-06-34-428_deco.jpgI would also suggest a wristlet. It provides easy access to my cards or cash, but also stays attached to my body.  Yes, I am horrible with losing things.  This particular one by Kate Spade, has enough room to carry cards, cash, coins, and my phone- if needed.



  1. A good pair of sunnies- Theme parks are usually always in warm climates or only open during Spring/Summer seasons; for this reason a good pair of sunglasses are a must.  I opted to bring my Sunglass Warehouse sunnies ,Canary #65830 tortoise frame with amber lenses, because they are a neutral that can be paired with anything.  I love this style!  They have been my favorite since day #1.  If you don’t know much about Sunglass Warehouse, you can check out my post here.  Affordable & trendy!
  2. Sun Protection- I use to think I was too cool for SPF because I was islander.  You know, that automatically made me immune.  Obviously, I grew up and finally learned how important it is to take care of our skin.  My favorite SPF has been COOLA TRAVEL SIZE SPORT SPF 50 GUAVA MANGO SUNSCREEN SPRAY.  The smell is amazing, it has good wear time, SPF of 50, and is water resistant up to 40 minutes.  If you haven’t tried a COOLA product yet, you should!
  3. Protecting our lips from the sun is something that isn’t really talked about, but if you think about it, our lips are super have super sensitive skin and need protection.  Only fitting, right?  My holy grail lip balm is the MINERAL LIPLUX SPF 30 TAN LINE.  The mineral liplux line comes in array of colors to choose from.  I, myself, am a nude girl, but you can opt for something a little more vibrant.  With an SPF of 30, color selection, and a moisturizing feel; it’s definitely a must have for me!
  4. L’occitane hand cream and refreshing towelettes are my everyday essentials that I have to have in my purse at all times.  To be honest, I keep a hand cream in my purse, desk at work, and one in each car.  If you have not tried them before, then you absolutely need to!  Now, the story behind refreshing towelettes- YOU NEVER KNOW!  You may have an accident or just need a refresher.  I am also a mom, so any kind of wipes come in handy.
  5. I am a huge germ-a-phobe and again, a mom!  Hand santizer anywhere is a must have.  Think about it…You are spending your day touching rides, railings, playing games.  Imagine all the other people doing the exact same thing you are.  You do not know where their hands have been.  Any hand sanitizer will do, obviously Bath and Body Works are cuter and smell amazing!
  6. Who has time to retouch makeup when we’re having fun? Ain’t no one got time for that!!  Especially me. Lip balm and oil blotting sheets are all I need!  Right now I am carrying the BH Cosmetics oil blotting sheets.  They are compact, affordable, and it does the job I need it to do.  You really can’t go wrong!
  7. Phone/Camera for those memorable pictures!
  8. A refillable water bottle.  You will end up saving so much money!
  9. Change- specifically quarters and pennies!  I love hitting up the pressed penny machines for cheap souvenirs.

Alright, that’s it for my theme park essentials.  What do you usually bring with you at on days at theme parks?  I’d love to hear it!










**Some items received for free for review, all opinions are my own**