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It’s Monday! Lately, we have been making posts about some serious subjects that have been happening, to those of you who this issue effects, you are not alone.

Voice Within

Do you even know if your daughter has been raped?

So many have no voice, they just accept it as their fate,

Flashbacks and memories, minutes for a lifetime,

Can’t keep a job, or focus on school, barely able to rub two dimes,

Has your soul mate, your friend, or your mom?

Their stories so chilling knowing they will never feel the calm,

A violating submission the kind that darkens your soul,

The light that was once there dimmed, almost invisible,

She’ll remember it every day, while trying to forget,

And on the rapists part there’s little regret.

All while people tell her it must have been you,

Did you flirt? Did you drink? What did YOU DO?

Or what didn’t you do, was your no loud and clear?

Because if it wasn’t, then it’s all your fault dear!

He was just getting some action, no shame in his game,

The girl is still left looking for someone to blame,

Her smile washes off at the end of the day,

With her makeup she hides that she isn’t okay,

Waiting and wondering when they will be ready to hear,

I was raped; I am one in four, more than 683,000 per year!

The police think she lies, men congratulate their pals,

Women are outraged, but the judge just calls foul,

No harm done, he’s a good guy,

He shouldn’t get caught up for some snatch on the fly,

Her control is lost, powerless is she,

Can’t afford to get it back, but the depression came free,

Her behavior becomes erratic, anxiety sets in,

She changes, you notice, the PTSD begins,

You try to ring her, but can’t get her on the phone,

She’s home, but pushes all away and feels so alone,

Even if her mind betrayed her and her memory is bare,

Her body still twitches because it was there,

You love her regardless, but do not know her fight,

You’ll never understand why she stopped going out at night,

Every day is rough, but she keeps pushing through,

We’re strong and we make it, but we are more than a few….

Conviction is a thing of rarity with this,

It’s he said she said, it was only a kiss,

She knows there’s more and a story to tell,

Listen to their whisper they shouldn’t have to yell,

When will justice be the answer for rape?

It’s been time to clear up the red tape.

Brock Turner is a fish in an ocean of injustice…..

Don’t let the world steal your beautiful…