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Happy Tuesday!  A few weeks back my fiance and I took a mini road trip to San Francisco for the weekend.  We literally wanted to play tourist on this trip, so we took our time on the way down and on our way back, making stops at all the vista/view points we could find.  I guess the view/vista were more on the way back from California, but we did hit one on our way to the bay area.

Hunter Hill Rest Stop:


It provides a great view of Vacaville, California.  If you look closely at the first picture, you can see Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Also, a great place to stop and use the bathroom- cleanest one we encountered.

Benicia Vista Point:


This view point is kind of tucked away, but you can get some really cool shots of the valley and bridges.  No bathroom, but lots of parking!

Shasta Dam:

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This was probably the best stop we made on our drive home.  We got to check out Shasta Lake, the dam, and walked across the dam as well.  On our next visit we plan on checking out the area a bit more.

 Mt. Shasta


The view point is small little stop off, but the photo opportunities are pretty great!

Well, this is it for my vista/view point stops along 1-5.  If you get a chance, stop by the Shasta Lake Dam.  The views are to die for and activities in the area seem like they would be a lot of fun!