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1.  Let’s talk about lavender. Aromatherapy is one of the best proven ways to de-stress your life. It also proves to be the easiest way, I can think of ways to incorporate lavender into most everything I do throughout my day, giving myself a stress-free easy way to help soothe myself without even thinking about it the majority of the time. The L’Occitaine Lavender Perfumed Sachet is a perfect example of this, just set it and go no work done.  Put scent sachets around your home Putting Lavender scented sachets around your home can provide aromatherapy throughout your day, relieving stress. I love putting these sachets throughout my home, in drawers, closets, in my medicine cabinet. The nice scent burst is calming and refreshing throughout my day, they’re even great for the car since they don’t melt. In my drawers the scent permeates the clothes it’s near leaving them softly kissed with lavender, so the relaxing effect lasts all through my day. Little things like this can also leave a finished touch on your home. It takes 10 minutes to place them all throughout your house, the scent lasts for months, and your guests will think you’re a natural Martha Stewart.

L’Occitane has a wonderful line of lavender scented items, some of my favorites I’ll mention today!


2.  Baths are some of the best ways to relax, light some candles get some bubbles going, maybe toss in your favorite bath bomb or bath salts. It’s a nice space to be alone where you don’t have to worry about anything except what time you have to get out. Studies show that taking a bath close to/right before bedtime hinders your chances at getting the best sleep. I’m sure it sounds backwards because baths are so soothing, but if you are a night time bath person sometimes an upset to your routine can be even more stressful. My best suggestion is to get to bed earlier, get a good nights rest and wake early to start off your day earlier with a calming bath to set a more relaxed beginning to your day. In a perfect world we would all be morning people, but I know that’s not the case as I struggle to pull myself out of bed almost every day. I love to use the L’Occitaine Lavender Foaming Bath Wash in the tub where I can really see it lather up and doing its thing. The smell along with the L’occitane Lavender scented Relaxing candle is a perfect way to jump start a crazy day combating stress before it even begins.



3.  Meditation with aroma therapy when I have too many things to do sometimes it’s best to do nothing. Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Light the L’occitane Lavender scented Relaxing candle, find a quiet place and clear your mind, try to focus on your breathing. The point of meditation is to void your mind of thoughts, lavender scented candles can help calm and relax your body so that your mind is free to be at peace. Have you ever just felt overwhelmed and unable to focus on things because you’re so stressed? I find meditation to be one of the best ways to unload the heavy weight of life, which helps me prevent burnout and feeling overloaded at work.

4.   Sleep-  I know it’s not always that easy to get good sleep. Instead of trying to find time for more sleep which seems impossible, we can try to improve the quality of the sleep we already have. I would suggest against keeping lit candles in your room while you sleep due to hazard possibilities. Although I do love putting a nice calming scented candle on a wax warmer while I rest. I feel the soothing scent helps me get to sleep faster, it’s also nice to wake up to a calming lavender smell. I find using wax warmers also lengthens the use of the candle as well as being less dangerous for your home, and you can turn the heat up or down to regulate the strength of the scent in your room if you find it too strong or not pungent enough. L’Occitane has the perfect products to improve your life in the most simple of ways. Take a gander at their website and you will find an abundance of other amazing products I haven’t even had time to mention (I love the Shea Butter Hand Cream!). Aromatherapy and treating yourself to spa time can do wonders for your body as well as your mind. Do yourself the favor and relax!

5.  Music- Music is probably my favorite way to de-stress, the great thing about it is you can incorporate it into most everything you do with a simple push of a button. All the things I listed today are easy to accompany music with. Although I do suggest if you put music on to help you get to sleep that you set it on a timer that shuts it off, so once you’re asleep it doesn’t cause you to be restless as a distraction or wake you up. You can even set your wake up alarm to soothing sounds, mine is set to harp music. I find that it helps ease me into my morning which I’m never ready for when it comes. Music is such a mood effect-or, so it’s easy to see why it can be soothing. Do some research and find sounds that are most therapeutic for you in a relaxing way. We are all different and have to find what works best for us.


*Some products received for free for review, all opinions are my own*